Mountain Activities Gallery
This third hall displays the equipments, clothes, different professional loops of the ropes and photographs of French Expedition team leader; recorder holder Maurice Herzog who scaled Annapurna for the first time in 1950. Beside Herzog is Junko Tabei, the first Japanese women to scale Mt Everest. Timanishi, the first Manaslu summiteers and other climber’s equipments are showcased here. This hall also introduces fourteen peaks over eight thousand meters in a chronological order to the year they were conquered.

Equipment necessary for climbing mountains and rocks, their varieties and uses make the visitors familiar on how hard the scaling these mountains can be. Last but not the least is the famous legendry tales of Yeti, its myths, and publications of the illusive giant brown bear in one corner of the first floor. Although nobody has seen the creature, many have claimed of witnessing Yeti. Some have claimed to have photographed its foot prints on icy blanket, and some have seen it with their eyes closed. This section is dedicated to the Yeti whom nobody has seen but many like to believe in.

In order to create awareness about the ecology and environment of the mountain, a separate section is displayed beside the equipment section where garbage collected from Mount Everest between the year 2000 and 2003 demonstrates gloomy picture of possible environment degradation if caution of preserving the environment is neglected. Crossing this section takes the visitors to yet another section named Imaging Everest where plenty of photographs of British expeditions to Mount Everest from 1921 to 1953 are showcased. These pictures are donated by Royal Geographical Society.